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Buy/Sell Bitcoin for cash

Secure by Design

Bitcoin and blockchain based cryptocurrency ATM. Designed and manufactured in Prague with a passion for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Equipped with a high-end banknote validator.

No volatility risk

Unlike other Bitcoin ATM’s, purchases are made on the configured cryptocurrency exchange at the time of cash insertion. Exchange rates are updated every 30 seconds.

Buy your first Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATM’s are considered the beacons / lighthouses of the cryptocurrency industry. They help people to get started with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and make the world of virtual money a little less virtual and easier to understand.


We are veterans with 20 years of experience in Bank ATM industry having more then 80 ATMs installed across the country. In 2018 we've decided to extend our operation with our first two Bitcoin ATM installed in central London giving everyone the opportunity to put their hands on Bitcoin.

We charge the following commission over the realtime price of our exchange (updated 1st Aug 2018):
Buy bitcoin - 6 % Sell bitcoin - 8%

Camden Market

Bitcoin ATM is located at the main entrance of the Camden Market and is accessible 24/7.

Camden Market
London NW1 8AF


Bitcoin ATM is located at the Shoreditch Spicery.

Shoreditch Spicery & shop
53 Great Eastern St
London EC2A 3HP

Support & Inquiries

Avarage response time: 6 minutes